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This training area consists of a 15 cubic metre tank, fitted with a 1 metre diameter round pipe for entry by roped descent from above and a 1 metre diameter side pipe which provides the escape route. Inside, it is equipped with smoke and gas emission equipment, for real, realistic simulation of all the situations which may occur during works of this kind. There is a specially designed area for Confined Space training, allowing the reproduction of working procedures involving the use of PPE for accessing the tank from above, combined with PPE for protection against pollutants or oxygen depletion, and the performance of practical drills in emergency procedures and the rescue of operatives in difficulty.

Possible courses

Confined space working courses for workers, foremen and employers:

  • Confined Space access and emergency management in accordance with Italian Ministerial Decree 177/2011 and Legislative Decree 81/2008 on the management of emergencies
  • Emergency rescue and evacuation