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A climbing wall 11 metres high. 400 holds, 5 routes, for safe exercise and climbing. Constructed in marine plywood coated with a special resin for greater friction, it is anchored to a tubular metal framework that provides full support and makes its highly complex shape possible.

The STT Training Ground climbing wall is 11 metres high and 6 metres wide. It comprises four different sections, each with specific technical difficulty levels:

  • the slab surface for friction climbing
  • the vertical section for technical wall climbing
  • the sheer side for strength and resistance training
  • the top section for more agile, spectacular moves

The structure's size allows 16 ascent lines to be set up, and the 400-epoxy resin holds of different shapes and colours increase its potential with an infinite variety of combinations. Designed for the organisation of beginner, intermediate and advanced climbing courses, it is the ideal facility for the most advanced technical training and simply for practice, to provide pleasure and recreation to all lovers of this sport.
The climbing wall is also suitable for the teaching of abseiling techniques, safety and handling techniques for overhead working (Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008), and organised rescue and safety line self-rescue techniques.

Possible courses

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced climbing courses
  • Abseiling courses
  • Rock fall management
  • Safety and handling techniques for overhead work
  • Organised rescue and safety line self-rescue courses

Public Sessions

The wall can be used both for group courses and for individual lessons and/or training sessions.
Climbers may climb individually or roped to companions, on a fully independent basis.
STT does not provide instruction or assistance for climbing, and wall users are thus in full charge of their sessions. 
Access to the wall does not include the supply of climbing equipment, which must therefore be provided by individual climbers themselves. 


from May to October

Monday and Tuesday: 5 pm to 11 pm


from November to April

Monday and Tuesday: 5 pm to 11 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm


entrance fee per person: 5 Euro


Contact us for more information